Directorate of Community Development and Poverty Eradication Programs

The directorate is responsible to ensure the attainment of girls and women empowerment and mobilise communities towards socio-economic empowerment. This includes providing communities material and equipment support to the community for Income Generating Activities (IGA) by providing capacity building to the IGA beneficiaries and Women in Business Association (WBA) members.


  • Conduct feasibility study and Identify viable special projects.
  • Initiate, Coordinate, monitor and evaluate Special Programme implementation.
  • Organize resource mobilization activities for implementation of special programmes,
  • Offer assistance and serve as referral point to other service providers for people with special needs. 

Division: Community Empowerment


  • Administer the Income Generating Activities (IGAs) Support Programme
  • Conduct community mobilisation on IGAs through various platforms
  • Provide material and equipment  support to viable IGAs
  • Train IGA beneficiaries in business management skills
  • Strengthen the capacity of regional IGAs committee members to steer programme implementation
  • Facilitate business exposure of IGA beneficiaries through trade fairs and exchange visits
  • Monitor, mentor and assess supported IGAs 
  • Provide technical support to Women in Business Associations (WBAs)


  • Preview all incoming requests or information for production of material
  • Plan, layout and design of different materials such as posters, pamphlets, newsletters and brochures to be produced 
  • Make drawings of different themes for advocacy, mobilization and training 
  • Compile, design, print and disseminate IEC materials
  • Compile progress reports 
  • Assess/identity community needs in the area of development, then develop advocacy material for transformation and information sharing .

Community Development Centre (CDCs)

  • Operationalise & oversee the functioning of existing community empowerment centre’s
  • Facilitate optimal usage of the Community Development Centre
  • Avail business stalls to IGA beneficiaries/Micro Entrepreneurs to market/or sell their products
  • Collect, record revenue for usage of CDC facilities
  • Provide feedback upon receipt of request for community functions, training workshop, accommodations and other recreational
  • Serve as community information centres for the MGEPESW

Division: Early Childhood Development

  • Provide Technical and advisory support on ECD to community;
  • Provide Educarers training to head of ECD centres; parents and community;
  • Provide quality integrated ECD services;
  • Administer ECD standards (guidelines) of operation
  • Establish Integrated ECD operational structures;
  • Provide subsidy to Educarers;
  • Assess ECD centres and subsidised Educarers
  • Monitor Integrated Early Childhood Development (IECD) programmes and service provision
  • Register qualifying ECD centres in the country and issue certificate of compliance.
Directorate Contact Details

Director: Ms. Rosina Museke-Mubonenwa
Tel: +264 61 283 3124

Community Empowerment
Deputy Director: Ms. Anastasia Shiviya
Tel: +264 61 283 3219

Early Childhood Development
Deputy Director: Ms. Loide Velishavo
Tel: + 264 61 283 3132

Disability Affairs
Deputy Director: Ms. Mercy Kufuna

Tel: +264 61 296 3142

Marginalised Communities
Deputy Director: Ms. Rebekka Namwandi

Tel: +264 61 283 3009

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