Maintenance Grants

Maintenance Grant is financial assistance that is given to a parent with a child(ren) that are under the age of 18 whose spouse has died, this financial support is for the care of children.

THE TARGET GROUP (Who Qualifies)

A biological parent who earns less than N$1000.00 per month and supports a child under the age of 18, where:

  • the other parent has died
  • the other parent receives an old-age pension or a disability grant, or is unemployed, or
  • the other parent is in prison for six months or longer.
  • whose spouse has died and earns less than N$1000.00 per month or is unemployed
  • a child whose parent receives an old-age pension or a disability grant
  • a parent whose spouse is sentenced to imprisonment for six months or longer Namibian citizens and permanent residents.


  • Certified copies of the applicant’s birth certificate and Identity document (ID).
  • Certified copies of the child or children’s full birth certificates/ written confirmation of birth or baptism card.
  • A certified copy of the applicant’s marriage certificate (if applicable) .
  • The latest school report of each school-going child.
  • A certified copy of the spouse’s death certificate (if applicable).
  • If the spouse is in prison, a letter from the prison and a written declaration from him/her confirming this.
  • Proof of the spouse receiving a disability grant or an old age pension.
  • If the applicant is employed, a pay slip with the name, phone number and address of the employer, if not employed a police declaration.


N$ 250.00 per month for each child, for a maximum of six children per applicant or family

For more enquiries, Contact:
Deputy Director: +264 61 283 3185

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